What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is all about reaching the maximum number of people. Digital marketing (DM) is about getting them through the internet or electronic media. 

Now the question is, why internet marketing or digital marketing, or Online marketing? For that question to be answered, you need to know some internet usage analytics. 

Do you know that the percentage of internet users is increasing every year? 

According to research, the total percentage of internet users is increased by 3% worldwide in 2018.

While internet users in India have been increased to 6.7% from 2017 to 2018, back in 2017, the percentage of internet users in India is 33.3%, and in 2018 it reached 40%.

The number of Internet users is being increased day by day, and most of them are engaged in the internet through social media. And the number of people who are shopping through the internet is also being increased every year. 

Hence it is a good thing to capture these people from the internet through digital marketing. 

If you are not into online marketing still, it is now the right time to set your career as a digital marketer by following this guide.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The benefits of digital marketing then other marketing are

  • It is easy to find your business’s right audience through the internet.
  • Online marketing is suitable for any business.
  • From the users’ point of view, there will be many choices that he can choose from your products. It makes your user never leave your digital store without purchasing. 
  • The great thing in digital marketing is that once the user reaches the products, you can make him your long-lasting customer by saving their credentials like mail ids and informing them through these credentials about your new products.  

Some examples of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is like a vast ocean, where you will find various strategies and tactics that you can follow. 

Even though there are many digital marketing streams, here are a few examples of digital marketing where you can standby and make a passive income.

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

If you are good at social media, you can master this key of social marketing and attract many users. As we have discussed, the number of internet users increases, so are social media users increasing every year. 

Many people are spending their time online, learning new things on social media, and engaging themselves in social media activities. 

Then it is the right choice for you to start your digital marketing through social media. 

You can create separate marketing campaigns on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

By this, you can reach targeted people and make them your customers purchase your products. You can check the Social media marketing services for more details.

2. Website marketing

Website marketing is the best strategy for you if you are good at creating and running a website. It is merely like creating a decent Store online. 

In website marketing, you will create an online store and place all the products you need to sell. 

It is a compelling choice for any digital marketer because it would increase the brand’s popularity. 

When you create a website for your products, people remember the brand and the website promoting the products, and your products will become more popular.

If you are interested, you can join any Digital marketing course and start your career in this field.

3. Email or SMS marketing

This email or SMS marketing is somewhat different from website marketing and social media marketing. 

In website marketing or social media marketing, you target a specific set of people. 

But while coming to email or SMS marketing, you will target the specific user. 

In Email marketing, you need to build an email list that It can use to send emails about your products to the users. 

The users will respond to your emails through email links. This way, you can reach the targeted people, and you can also avoid the unusual traffic that you get without any leads generated.

On the other hand, in SMS marketing, you will collect the list of mobile numbers to send SMSs for your marketing.

4. Affiliate marketing

Even if you have the best skills in the above-shown email marketing, social media marketing, or website marketing, you will have nothing if you do not have your product to sell. 

Here is where this affiliate marketing emerges. 

If you are new to the digital marketing world, you can start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products and getting a share of their income.

From hosting companies to online stores, many professional brands offer you affiliate marketing to register and start sharing their products in your strategies. 

You will get a unique affiliate link to promote these products. For every product purchased through this unique link, you will be rewarded with the affiliate payment.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is ultimately the best for any digital marketing. Generally, people search for content on the internet rather than the products. In content marketing, you will create content that will reach the users. 

You can share this content through social media or email marketing, or SEO strategies. Using this content, you can reach potential customers to market your product. 

You can use affiliate marketing in the content. When your content reaches the user, it will automatically attract the user to your product related to that content.

Basic Software to use in Digital Marketing

When you are full of digital marketing, you need to learn about some digital marketing software that you need to rely on in your long run. 

This Digital Marketing software will help you reduce your efforts in finding many strategies.

Here is the list of some useful Digital Marketing software for you.

1. MailChimp

As we have discussed, email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies. 

Once you have created the list of emails, the big question is how you need to send a bulk of emails for this list. 

In this situation, MailChimp will help you the most. MailChimp is the most used email Marketing software by most digital marketers. 

With ready-made templates, you can send your mails to the list within a single click using MailChimp. 

2. Google analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool to have an eye on your audience for your webpages. 

You can track all users’ activities on your web pages using this Google Analytics. 

You can log in to your Gmail and use the Analytics tool by giving your website credentials. 

You can also integrate the Google Analytics plugins in your websites for fast optimization.

3. GSuite

GSuite will be very useful for your digital marketing. It can replace many tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, and many more with GSuite. 

With the option of drive facilities in the GSuite, you can also have your data wherever you go with a single email id and password. 


Keyword research is fundamental in digital marketing. 

For any product you want to use digital marketing strategies on, you need to do some keyword research on better and matching keywords. 

The AHREFS will help you do this keyword research very quickly and efficiently. 

5. Grammarly

Even if you have the best digital marketing strategies, people may not keep interested if there are grammar errors in the content you have created. 

To avoid these grammatical errors, I recommend you to use the Grammarly tool, which will help resolve the grammar issues.

Hurdles in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the best thing you can start working on right now. There will be lots of benefits to using digital marketing. 

But it is not always that simple as eating a banana. It would be best if you took many struggles to master digital marketing. 

The most important thing is that you need to understand that you cannot master every aspect of digital marketing. 

And it is also essential for you to know that the strategies followed by other professional digital marketers may not work well for you. 

It would help if you created your strategy by learning many things. The key to doing incredible digital marketing things is learning new things every day.

Final words on Digital Marketing

If you are not into digital marketing, I recommend you start digital marketing right away. 

Rather than in general marketing, you will see faster results in digital marketing due to the feasibility of many tools you can use in digital marketing.

And one thing is that you need not even have a big budget to start digital marketing. The fact is that it depends on the strategy you choose. 

If you choose social media, video marketing, or SEO for digital marketing, you need not spend much on it. A simple web hosting and a domain will do it enough.

Now that you are ready to start digital marketing choose the best place online to attract people. For example, I decided Facebook groups as the best place for my audience. 

Now start promoting your products or affiliate products in a pleasing way to the audience. By this, your sales will be increased, which will make you withstand the digital marketing world.

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